Monday, January 6, 2014

Healing? What?

If you had asked me what healing meant at the beginning of all of this, I would have responded like this: "To be normal again."

Normal? What's that? Well, two years later and I'm still walking, thinking and talking a little slower than normal. But that's normal now, and that's ok. Does my left arm function the way it used to? No. Does my left hand work? No., and that's ok. I'm finding I don't need it, a second hand is a luxury at this point.

So. Here comes the big question: Am I healed? Yes, I am. My body has healed wonderfully in the two years since my stroke, as has my mind, heart and soul. Does it matter that I'm not the way I was before? No. I'm better. So, what is healing?
Healing is seeing the spaces that need to be filled in your life and heart and filling them until you feel like you may burst. Healing is owning up to your weaknesses and fixing them so you can be the best version of yourself you can be, healing is never missing a beautiful moment of life due to self-pity, healing is faith that The Universe knows what it's doing and that everything works out for the best.

Am I healed? Yes.