Monday, March 17, 2014

In My Skin

It's been a tough winter here in Michigan, with freezing temperatures, way too much snow and not nearly enough sunlight.

While we were in the thick of it I couldn't help but think that something deeper was going on this winter, it was hard for everybody, not just weather speaking, but personally and spiritually. I started to get the feeling that we were all doing a lot of hard work this winter, when I say we I mean us humans and the earth. I believe that we all were doing a lot of hard work, healing ourselves both physically and spiritually and that we were all going to come out of this winter better than we went into it. Now that some grass is starting to peek through the layers of snow and ice something has happened to me. I feel the lightness of spring in my heart and soul. During this harsh winter hibernation, I have become accustomed to who I am in the face of all of this and I am finding I now have more self-acceptance and self-love than I did pre-stroke.

The person I've discovered on the other side of this neverending winter wasteland is a survivor who hopes for the best, she is strong and perseveres, nor does she give up. She is a determined person, who works everyday to be the best person she can be, in other words I believe I am now the person I was supposed to be without all of the bull shit tascked on that I thought I wanted to be.
I find myself becoming more comfortable with who I am daily and I become more snug in my skin than I've ever been before. I know who I am now: Liz, Stroke Survivor, Mother to Charlotte Marie, wife to Matthew,outspoken advocate for brain injury survivors, silver lining seer, hope giver, faithful follower of the path the universe lays out for me, and many more things, I don't want to bore you with. I am who I am and if you don;t like it, that's fine, 'cuz I do.

On my journey, I have been honored to help other people through their personal struggles, as an outspoken survivor of health trauma, many people have reached out to me for inspiration and motivation, I am truly touched that these individual look at me as someone who can help in some way, so, here I am helping my new friend, Heather, her story touched me and her perseverance moves me. Please take a look at her website, she will move you to your core:

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