Monday, November 12, 2012

You've got a Friend

I'm sure some people who know me must think I have a very hard life and therefore must be completely uninterested or unsympathetic to my friend's everyday trials and tribulations, this is very untrue. Now, Old Liz in this situation would have been very impatient with friends complaining about their everyday issues, her response would have been. "You think THAT'S a problem?! I've got actual problems!" But New and Improved Liz, or Liz 2.0 as, a I've begun referring to myself is a little more patient and a little less judgemental and selfish and more focused on being a good friend and partner than I was before, so I happily listen to my friends' woes and cares attentively and I try to offer as much perspective as I can.

It's recently come to my attention that some of my friends feel that their problems are not as bad as mine are and therefore they feel bad complaining to me. This makes me sad, because, I feel that my job as a friend is to be a sounding board for my buddies, a place they can go to to vent their frustrations and try to sort through their problems. What I've learned since all of this happened, is that everybody's problems are as real to them as mine are to me, they are just different, just because I have different hurdles to jump doesn't mean I no longer care about what weighs heavy on my friend's minds. In fact, I care more, I want to know, I want to help, this event has given me a fair amount of perspective on life and I want to use what I have deduced to help others through their tough stuff.

So, my dear friends, please don't hesitate to call me when you need a friend, I'm ready and willing to help!

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