Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sometimes the Worst Thing is the Best Thing

During one of the many dicussions I had with customers about my stroke on Monday as customer said this to me:
"I want to ask you a hard question." He said sheepishly, this is a regular customer, one who came to visit me while I was in rehab.
"Ok."I replied, "Sometimes those are the best ones." I enjoy thought provoking coversation to pointless small talk, so I like hard hitting questions.
"What's the best thing about having a stroke?" He asked.

I had to think about that for awhile, my initial answer was nothing, but then I thought more and I came up with this: The best thing about having a stroke is that I am so much more grateful for everything in my life than I was before, nothing like a little brush with death to remind you of how good you have it. I am also a better mother than I would have been, I'm more patient, kinder, gentler and more present than I would have been. I know life can end in an instant so I enjoy every single moment I have , I also have to convince myself that I can do something when I'm not sure I can do it so I'm finding hidden reserves of self-confidence that I didn't know I had, I truly believe that I am tuning into a more beautiful person as a result of all of this. Oh, and without the stroke I wouldn't have the best prize of all:Charlotte.

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