Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Giving Thanks

Every year Thanksgiving passes me by in a haze of overlapping conversations, turkey and mashed potatoes.

This year was going to be different;I was going to have a new baby to bring to the table and lots to be thankful for, instead I was facing spending the holiday in a hospital, but instead of it being terrible as I anticipated, it was probably the best Thanksgiving I've ever had, the first one I spent being thankful after 33 years of shoveling food into my mouth, never thinking of how great my life was.

The staff on Thre West made what could have been the most depressing thanksgiving ever into the most profound and tasty thanksgiving I've ever experienced.

For the week before Thanksgiving the satff worked with some of the paitents in preparing various Thanks giving staples so we could have Thanksgiving dinner on the unit. The day Thanksgiving rolled around, my mother was with me, so I asked her to join me with the rest of the unit. When the time came, I was whelled up to a table that was set up in the hallway, outside of the kitchen, and presented with a heaping plate of food, turkey, stuffing,and mashed potatoes and gravy and a delicious cup of sparkling cranberry drink. As I put the first bite in my mouth, my eyes welled up, I looked around me and saw all of these smiling faces, happy to see me at the dinner, eager to help me, to heal me, I saw my new baby being loved by all of these wonderful people and my husband proudly carrying her as she was admired by all, I looked at my mother, asked her to cut my meat for me, grateful that she was there with to d such a simple task for my, yet again.

In that moment I was thankful for this meal, for the love and good intention that poured into the preparation of it, thankful that I had a future to look forward to, thankful for such great medical care

It was the best Thanksgiving dinner I've ever spent. I can't wait for this year!

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