Sunday, September 30, 2012


I am haunted by a woman, everywhere I go there are traces of this person. she left little bits of herself all over my world, in my bedroom, at my work, I feel just out of reach of her, so close I can feel her essence surge through me, but I'm not sure how to capture it. She is who I was before the stroke. Sometimes I hold things that she handled a lot before the stroke, desperately hoping her energy will sink into my brain and restore the state of mind that was there before. But, after having a nice chat with my boiss tonight, I am thinking that  I need to stop chasing that woman down, that the person who has taken her place is just fine, has her own talents, insights and thoughts. So, just like any ghost that haunts someone, I will continue to live side by side with this person, staring over my shoulder, urging me to be my best selfm to take advantage of this second chance we have been given

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