Tuesday, October 2, 2012


There has been a massive smack down going on in my psyche between Old Liz and New Liz. Who is better?Old Liz is the girl I've become pretty saccustomed to over the years, she's loud, smarmy, a total smart ass and loves to make terrible jokes, ne liz's mind moves a little slower, tallks a little quiter and more slowly, she still makes awful jobs, and sings cheesy songs when the mood strikes her, so she's really not that different from Old Liz, New Liz is also more grateful for all she has, enjoys everyday a little more than Old Liz did, she is also kinder and less judgemental and more patient, si I have decided to dubNe Liz as New and Improved Liz. That''l probably help resolve the boxing match.

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