Wednesday, October 3, 2012

And Of an Era

When Matt wheeled me into my first session of outpatient therapy, I was despondent, I couldn't walk, had a tough time talking and couldn't care for my baby. Today as I walked out for the last time into the grey, rainy October day I was overwhelmed by emotion, I have my life back because of the time I spent there. I can now care for my baby, I can walk(I did 2.3 miles yesterday, in fact) and express myself just fine plus I met some awesome people to boot.

I think the most incredible thing about this experience is the people I have met as a result, people who I never would have met, people who in different circumstances I would have been besties with. My therapists took a broken, weak, despondent, apathetic woman an helped trasnsform her into the strong, working,  2.3 mile- walking detemined woman I am today. Without them, I'd still be dependent on my wheelchair when I went out in public and I wouldn' be as actively involved in Charlotte's life.

They helped me to believe that there is life after stroke and it can be a good life, regardless of how much of me works.

And they like me, not knowing Old Liz, only New and Improved, so that must mean I'm still my normal, likable self!

So now, the ball is in my court, so to speak, I will continue to fight the good fight everyday, keep telling Larry that he can come back and continue believing that I will give out two armed hugs again.

Now the future is open in front of me and the all I see are possibilities, love and hope. It's not over, it wont be til I am six feet under, I will keep enjoying the hell out of everyday and being thankful for all of the therapists who were sent to me to heal my body and spirit.

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