Friday, February 1, 2013

Next to Godliness

I am not a clean person, anyone who has visited anyof the apartments I've lived in over the years, or lived with me, can attest to that fact. Why? I'm lazy, I hate cleaning, and because I hate  it, I'm no good at it, so I avoid it like the plague.

As a result of my injury, not much has been expected of me as far as cleaning goes, so Matt ends up bearing the brunt of keeping the home we share with John, my Brother-In-Law, clean. I really hate not contributing to the household, but anytime the idea of me cleaning or helping to clean, my self-doubt and total lack of faith in my abilities have reared their ugly heads and stopped me from even trying.

So, in an effort to stay active and stick to my new year's resolution: strong body, strong choices, etc.. I decided that once a week I would take on cleaning the living room, the room where Charlotte and I spend most of our time, which therefore gets VERY messy, I was scared when the first day arrived that I had designated as Cleaning Day, I almost backed out, overwhelmed by the amount of work ahead of me, but then I found if I broke the cleaning down into a series of small jobs, it didn't seem so bad, and I did it! And my neat freak of a brother-In-Law approved of the job I did, a true success, ever since, I've been sticking to my guns, trying to find little things to clean throughout the week, so I don't have as much to do on Cleaning Day.

Never before have I found so much satisfaction from cleaning or been so proud of the job I've done, but when I gaze at my newly cleaned room, I feel like a kid who just got a gold star from her teacher. So, that'll teach me to stop second guessing myself or shoul, anyway.

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