Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Facing My Foe

A few weeks ago I told my PT, Jill, that I wasnted to work on being able to walk up and down stairs without having to grip desperately onto something, so that's what we've been focusing on. Other than that the main goa lof my physical therapy has been to strengthen my left leg and to be able to carry Charlotte around, the latter goal has been reached. My left leg is still pretty weak but doing well. Today once I got situated in the rehab gym, Jill pulled out one of the steps I've been working with, a four inch one. Now, I know that doesn't sound too high, but once you've become acustomed to a twi inch step, those extra two inches make a big difference. Once she had the step where she wanted it she informed me that she wanted me to step up onto it, using my left leg to pull myself up. After looking at her like she as crazy I got an decided to give it a try. I was scared but juill was right there next to me just in case I fell. The first couplr trie wer pretty wobbly, until Jill got me into a good position and I got up onto that step, onlt losing my balance once and even then, I corrected my body position, to compensate for the loss of balance. Huge accomplishment! The whole time Jill kept telling me to have faith in myself, something I struggle with on regular basis, so now tha I know what I'm capable I plan on giving myself a little more credit!


  1. Inspiring! I see a book someday that collects all of this in a journal!!

  2. That is GREAT, Liz. Keep going! (and thank you for the update.)

  3. liz, you're amazing, as always! xoxo