Sunday, May 20, 2012

Th Great Groming Gain

I am proud of myself today, but it's for a weird reason, let me explain: I've never been a girl who is overly conxerned with body hair, I just don't care that much about it, I'm not trying to make a statement by not shaving, I just forget to do it when I'm in the shower, that's how little I care. So, I was surprised the other day when I discovered that I felt a little self-concsious about my overgrown armpit hair, I haven;t touched it inmonths, Imean, shaving your armpits is a job that is a little easier with two working arms, so, I got in the shower today and contemplated my plan of attack. I picked up my razor and shaving cream and started to shave the right pit with my right hand, awkward, yes, but I accomplished it without bleeding all over the place, then I got to the left pit. Now, when you dont use your limbs the joints get very stiff, so my left arm does not lift up easily, I tried to prop it up on th back of my shower chair, but I could not get it into any position wher I wouldn't turn my pit into hamburger, so I am taking advantage of the fact that the left pit never sees the light of day and leaving it be.But I got my right one done! I felt so accomplished when I was finished, luckily I'm a pretty adaptable lady and today I managed to discover a different way to accomplsh a two-handed task with one hand.

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  1. Way to pick your battles! That's an important lesson that I wish more adults learned sooner. -Steph