Saturday, May 5, 2012

working my way back

Wednesday marked my six month strokiversary, so its got me thinking, about six months ago I was completely bedridden, unable to speak above a whisper and I couldn't swallow lquids, but now there are many reasons to say, I've com a long way, baby. Monday marks my triumphant return to work, basically since this happened my goal has been to get to a point where I could work again, but I am finding I am riddled with anxiety at the thought of my comeback. It feels like the same kinf of nervousness I experience before I start a new job: Will I be good at what they have me do? Am I hoing to mess something up? Will myco-workers like me? Now I already know that they do, my work family have been the most compassionate, supportive and accomodating group of people, outside of my immediate family,througout this who thing, but the Liz that will be clocking in on Monday is a little different than the Liz that clocked out over sox months ago, so Iqorry that I will not be the me they expect. I have decided to be great at anything I am asked to do, because, not only will going back to work help my morale, I believe it will help me cognitively and physically. I am so thankful to my job for giving me the chance to work my way back in there, to find my place againand to be a productive member of sovirty again and to work with the coolest group of people ever assrmbled!


  1. I love you and have such deep respect for you. You are a hero.

  2. we need you back liz!!! love you!

  3. you're gonna ROCK. xoxoxoxo