Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hindsight Strikes again

This is a photo of my mom and I in my room on 3West, you can kind of see my arduous therapy schedule written on the white board.
Seeing my OT from rehab, Erica on Monday got me thinking about my time in rehab a lot. Those were probably the carkest hours of my life, I had no idea how to process the myriad of emotions I felt on a daily basis and could not accept the new person I was. Looking back on it, I I had the clarity then that I have now, I would have thrown evrything I had into therapy, I feel like I kind of phoned it in at the time, I was so exhausted and in such a fog, I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel, I kept waiting for my body to bounce back miraculously. I as given a wonderful gift when I was sent to 3 West, I just couldn't see it at the time. I was so devestated that my new motherhood had been torn from me, I was pissed off is what I was, I felt cheated and betrayed by my own body. So if anyone on 3West is reading this, my message to you is, I know you're tired, more tired than you ever thought possible, but you ar exactly where you need to be,those therapists are wonderful peopl who know what they're doing, listen to them and give it everything you've got, even if it feels like you've got nothing left, the rewsrds far out weigh the exhaustion. I'm telling you it gets better, life goes on and is still beautiful, never give up, there is always hopr and that goes for anyone who is facing adversity.


  1. Your writing is so moving. " gets better, life goes on and is still beautiful, never give up, there is always hope..." And I agree that your advice can be for anyone facing adversity in their lives. Working toward the other side of that adversity can be an individual's greatest achievement, though they probably won't realize it at the time.

  2. You were grieving. That is part of the recovery.