Thursday, January 17, 2013

Larry and the Broom

I've recently started a new routine in order to make myself feel more useful around the house: every Saturday I've decided I'm going to clean the living room, now, I'm not a clean person, and cleaning is not my forte, in fact, I hate it! I've been doing the whole nine yards, sweeping, dusting and scrubbing the floors, with a decent amount of success, meaning, my neat freak Brother-In-Law approves of the job I do, there has been one difficulty though, sweeping, this is a difficult task to accomplish one-handed, so the other day, I noticed that our broom has a grippy thingy on it, so I moved it to the top of the borom and wrapped Lsarry around it, luckily the muscle tone in my hand is pretty tight, so I could keep a good grip on it and I got the arm to move around enough to sweep two-handed! Wow! So much easier! I wasn't expecting much success out of this tactic, but I got it, I figure, if I keep trying stuff like that, Larry will be back in no time!

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