Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hooked On a Feelin'

After a pretty discouraging day yesterday, I decided the key to my salvation was reclaiming one of my favorite pastimes:crocheting. Since this all began my therapists have been working tirelessly to find me a way to crochet, all of the ideas have been very innovative, but frustrating, crocheting used to be as narural to me as breathing and having to think so hard about how to do it frustrated me to the point of throwing it across the room, I admit, I am guilty of giving up when things get too hard, but yesterday I sat myself down and decided I was going to figure out how to do the easiest stitch, the single crochet before I got back up. And I managed to sort out how to use the complex mechanism the therapists at the university'ss clinic came up with and got a couple of stitches done, they were messy, but I figured out how to fix that today, now, I intend to remaster this craft on my own so I can return to my former glory:                                                            

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  1. Sounds like a great plan! The bottom example is really neat. It reminds me of quilting, which I enjoy. Here's to continued successes!