Friday, July 27, 2012

The Machine

You know the machine that Count Rugen hooks Wesley up to in The Princess Bride? It is intended to take years off of his life, but instead sends him back to infancy. Well, my stroke basically did the same thing to me. I have essentially been reset to the beginning of life, having to relearn how to walk, talk and write again and, lately, I'm finding I am back to a second go at adolescence, relearning how to communicate in a rational and non-impulsive way, relearning who I am and becoming comfortable in my skin again and learning how to think critically through any problem I am faced with and figuring out how to be an independent adult again. As I mulled over this issue on my walk today, I wandered through a brief haze of tears and hopelessness, but then I reminded myself that I learned all of those things before, with a minimum amount of scarring and now I get to learn them again, with the hindsight we wish we all had the first time around and no matter how hopeless something seems I refuse to give up on myself, Charlotte deserves better than that. So here I go again....

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