Friday, July 6, 2012


This week I am expecting some exciting visitors, one is a friend from High school, some one I always liked, but have become closer to in the age of Facebook, I guess she thinks I'm pretty cool, but I had no idea, I was kind of the odd kid in high school with my bureoning and out spoken feminism.

I l love having visitors, it breaks up the monotony of my days, plus I love watching Carlotte interact with people, I am also a very social person so having someone different to talk to is always exciting, plus it's aways nice to have something to look forward to. My family is also coming into toiwn next weekend. I love seeing them, because, well sometimes I just need my mommy, plus I want to show Charlotte off to them. The thing that disturbed Matt the most while we were in rehab was my reaction to surprise guests. I had a lot of peopl come to see me while I was in rehab, old friends, a couple of regular customers from work, an old professor of mine as well.I loved having guests in rehab, but normally I would have talked their ears off, but I barely acknowledged the fact they were there, behavior that was so out of character for me, it really distressed Matt, I honestly have very fuzzy memories from most of these visits. But what I do remember is not knowing qwhat to say to put my visitor at ease. I could always tell whoever it was was at a loss as to what to say and I was far too tired to come up with some wry quip to break the ice, something lke:"Jeeze, I could have found a better way to get out of doing diapers, right?" So, to any of you who came to see me, it did not go unnoticed, and your visit shone a light on a very dark period of my life, I'm sorry I was so out of it and could not express my extreme pleasure over your prescense. Any way, my point is, I'm very excited to be having so many people coming to vissit me this week and if you ever want to visit, drop in, I love it and I'm much mor lively now!

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