Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Expanding My Horizons

I was planning a blog post based on a similar theme, once again proving that Rob Rob Brezny has caneras hidden in my house:"T=LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Goldfish that are confined in small aquariums
stay small. Those that spend their lives in ponds get much bigger. What
can we conclude from these facts? The size and growth rate of goldfish
are directly related to their environment. I'd like to suggest that a similar
principle will apply to you Librans in the next ten months. If you want to
take maximum advantage of your potential, you will be wise to put
yourself in spacious situations that encourage you to expand. For an extra
boost, surround yourself with broad-minded, uninhibited people who have
worked hard to heal their wounds.he epic breadth of your imagination is
legendary. Is there anyone else who can wander around the world without
ever once leaving your home? Is there anyone else who can reincarnate
twice in the span of few weeks without having to go through the hassle
of actually dying? And yet now and then there do come times when your
fantasies should be set aside so that you may soak up the teachings that
flow your way when you physically venture outside of your comfort zone.
Now is such a moment, my fellow Cancerian. Please don't take a merely
virtual break in the action. Get yourself away from it all, even if it's only
to the marvelous diversion or magic sanctuary on the other side of town."

 My world has become very small since the stroke, a normal day for me consists of waking up, snuggling with my family, doing my exeercises , getting up, getting dressed and going downstairs and setting up shop for the day in front of the TV, searching foe something that sparks my intrest. So when Matt told me he was planning a trip to Tsrget today, I jumped at the chance to go, I don't tend to accompany Mat on his shoppping journeys, I like to give him a chance to wander around the store by himself, not having to worry about where I am and how I'm doing. hoing somewhere like Target can be an overshrlming experience for me:so many thing to look at so many things to consifer, am I keeping up with Matt?( please keep in mind I use my wheelchair on these outings)am I blocking the aile? Am I going to run into someone when I round the corner? The first time we went to Target after I got out of rehab was a mess, I was still so out of it, I was rolling down random aiskes and not paying attention to anything, it was exhausting. but today, I nailed it!I kept up with Mat got out of people's way and went to the bathroom in record time, todat I decided that expanding the scope of my world and challenging myself not only helps me get bwtter, but improves my confidence

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