Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Hug

Cgarlotte is almost eight months old and during that entire time I have been unable to hold or hug my first child with two arms,  a torturous experience, as I watch others embrace her with two arms, my arms ache to hold my baby with two arms, that's all I've wanted foe these past 8 months. Today I met with Sue, my OT and I told her my good news about touching my mouth with my left hand, of course when it came time to perform my newest feat, Larry, the Left Arm, chose nt to participate, like the obstinante limb he is (yes, I have named my left arm to give us a more personal relationship). from there we did some streching, I put som balls onto bars withLarry, a surreal experience, it's now so strange to see Larry doing normal things, it's been so long. Then Sue picked Charlotte up and handed her to me. I held with my right arm, as usual, but this time I tried reaching around and pulled my arm in towards my body, hugging my baby for the first time, It was like a flood gate had been opened, my teas of happiness and relief flooded over, I felt so good, so right, Charlotte sunk into me and I could feel her heartbeat against my chest. After 8 months of waiting, it was everything I thought it would be. Now I hopr to use the momentum this event has created to continue improving my relationship with Larry.


  1. YEEESSSS!!! WWHHHHHOOOO!!!!!!! You go girl! :-D This is amazing.

  2. This made me cry. You love your baby with your whole body, and that is going to help you heal further.