Tuesday, June 19, 2012


One of my earliest and clearest memories from my time in the ICU was the day Matt told me they had to shave half my head for surgery, my hand shot up and I felt the bristly short hair and the "U" shaped line of staples holding my incision shut, I attempted to not be traumatized as I've tried to avoid being one of those redheads who puts way too muvh importance on their hair color. At one point Matt told me we had a bag of the hair they had shaved off, did I want to donate it? Yes, I did, then he asked what I wanted to do about the rest of the hair. He asked if I wanted to shave the rest off, I said, sure, I've always wondered what I'd look like with a shaved head. So I decided to let it be and wait for the short stuff to grow out to my shoulders so I could cut the long stuff to match, but that left me with a lopsided hairdo that made it look like I didn't own a mirror. I am someone who always throws my hair up to get it out of the way, something that is difficult to do one-handedI felt weighed down by my one side of uber-hair, it was always hanging over the left side of my face, blocking my view of the side of my body I tend to forhet about. It was impossible to deal wqith my super long hair in the shower with my one hand, so one day I implored my friend to vut it off for me and she did!It was a litte shocking at first, but now that it's been a day, I feel free from the restraints of my long hair, it no longer gets in the way when I brush my teeth or get dressed and it's not laying on my neck making me hot and showering is a breeze. I feel free, and I feel like I have a bit of closure now that I've evened my hair out, like my hair was holding me back or something I noe feel like I can do anything! That anything is possible, who knew a haircut could be so good for you?

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