Monday, June 11, 2012


Today I woke myself up, got in the shower, got dressed and made myself breakfast, once I was done eating I took my morning medication, changed and fed the baby an went to work. At qork I answered phones, wandered arounf the store, cleaning and chatting with customers and answering questions, Why are all of these things noteworthy? Let me explain. When I first came home from the hospital Matt lierally had to do everything for me, wake me up, help me bathe, get me dressed, make sure I ate and took my meds, this made mornings when we had to be somwhere slightly stressful, since Matt had two people to prepare for departure. Now I can accomplish all of those things on my own, today is one of the first days I've had that has felt normal, so either things are getting easier or I've gotten used to my new routine. I've been waiting for a day like this for a long time. I didn't feel like a freak or completely helpless and clueless not once today. I'm ginding I'm feeling more like myself these days and that helps me when talking to people I don't know, since I'm sure they could pick up on my insecurity, so nowI'm starting to behave like myself again and that, myfriends, is a welcome change!

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