Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The other dayMatt and I were discussing how self- worth is defined by a person, is it measured on somsocietal based standards? Like the size of you 401K? I find this an interesting question, because Christopher Reeve talks a lot about self-worth in his book, "Nothing is Impossible", he said that believing in your self-worth is the keay to successdul recovery, since I read that many months ago, I've been thinking about that alot. Am I worth all of the work I'm putting in?You bet I am! This is a huge statement coming from me, since I tend to struggle with some pretty deep seeded insecurities, so the fact that I am now able to say that I'm worth all of the work I'm putting in is a huge step forward. It shows me that this experience has not only strengthed me physically but emotionally as well anf that's certainly worth it!

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