Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bended Knee

I read an article awhile ago that said yoga is beneficial to people recovering from stroke and my OT in rehab, thought it would be a great thing for me to do to build strength, improve balance and gain peace of mind, so I've been doing a little yoga routine at home with a program I stream on Netflix, I adapt as needed along the way, doward dog is kinda tough when you've only got one arm! Today I was working on a pose, lying on my stomach, not an easy or comfortable thing to do, the pose had me lifting my chest off the floor and raising my legs, at one point I am asked to bend my legs in and grab them with my hands. Now my hamstrings onthe left are verrrry weak so bending that knee has been close to impossible, but today I gave it a shot, when I looked back to see if I had done it, I still can't feel my left leg enough to tell, lo and behold, it was bent! I don't know if I was just so in the zone or if my hamstrings are finally catching up to the rest of my lrg muscles, but I think I should declare this progress, it makes sense since I've been working on bending my knee when I walk instead of just swinging my leg forward at the hip, the hamstring must be getting stronger!

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  1. Nice job! All your hard work in rehab and doing exercises will continue to pay off :)