Wednesday, June 13, 2012


About once a month Matt and I go to the anti-coagulation clinic at Bronson Hospital to manage my blood thinner therapy. I developed a DVT in my leg while in rehab due to the fact that I was bedridden, so now my blood thinner dosage has to managed carefully ensure the clot doesn't get bigger, everytime Matt and I go we have a little coffee date in the cafeteria of the hospital.I know that sounds kinda weird but the environment at Bronson is quite pleasant and the coffee in their cafe is actually quite good and that's coming from a self-proclaimed coffee snob. It's nice to reconnect this way once in awhile and we usually end up rehashing the events of that faithfull night and discussing my time in the ICU, I'm sure Matt is more than tired of answering my many questions about my time in Bronson, Bronson is the hospital I was in when I had my stroke, where I had brain surgery where I recovered in the ICU befor I was transferred to rehab at Borgess Mrthodist Hospital.My memory of my time in the ICU is dodgy at best, but the more people tell me the more I remember. It is just so strange to have huge chunks of my life that have totally disappeared. The moment before the stroke to the moment after I woke up from surgery is like a quick scene change in a movie in my mind. One second I was breathing through my contrctions, wanting to push and the next moment, Matt had a baby, but in that moment I had a strange understanding that I'd been through a lot because Matt asked me what we should name her and I knew I was ina position where I could get my way. But I have no memory of being told what had happened, no memory of the first time I saw Charlotte, so going to Bronson is strange it's a place that is so sifnificant to me, they saved my life, and took amazing care of me there, but I have barely any memory of my time there.But Some days I gt little flashes of stuff and that's always fun. I guess some things don't need to be remembered to be significant.


  1. Small things can be so big - coffee together in a place that has great meaning, it's a good way of sharing the power of your life being saved.

  2. Wow Liz, at first when I saw the title "jogging" I thought "holy shit she bends her knee one day and is jogging the next?!" It's good to jog your memories, someday maybe you will even write a post that you went jogging, too!