Monday, December 31, 2012


New Year's eve is typically a time for self-reflection and resuloution-making, so obviously, I have a lot to think about tonight, As I was contemplating tonight's post, I signed onto everybody's favorite website, Facebook, and saw this:"Goals for 2013: STRENGTH. Strong body, strong voice, strong choices. No weak, passive, lame-o behavior. " It was a status update that one of my astonsihingly, brilliant and insightful friends posted and I rhought, "Huh, was that meant for me? It certainly seems like it is; strong body, let's get my vessel back in fighting shape, strong voice, I would love it if I could finally embrace my new speaking voice, or accent, as I've begun referring to it, strong choices, well, I decided a few weeks ago that 2013 will be about me getting my swagger back, so I will be following my heart and my instincts as much as is reasonable, the kicker was  the part about no weak, passive or lame-o behavior. Lately I've been getting really annoyed with the constant whining that I allow to fly out of my mouth, well, no more, my life is perfect, the way ir is and I'm gonna stop complaining about it, damnit! And stop feeling sorry for myself, because that's awaste of my time and precious energy.

So, while 2012 was about getting my physical independence back and accepting the circumstances of my life, 2013 is about a new, more positive, compassionate and forgiving  perpective towards myself. Wish me luck!

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