Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The One Where I Have to Wear Shades

We had a full staff meeting at work today.

Full Staff meetings hold a special place in my heart for a couple reasons: 1. We had one scheduled right after my stroke and I was pleading with anyone who would listen to let me out of the ICU so I could go to it so I could show my baby off anf show everybody that I was ok, unbeknownst to me, I was not ok enough to go, 2. Full staff meetings give me a chance to see my co-workers that I used to see everyday of the week, but due to my part-time schedule, that I never see. I look forward to these meetings, they are exciting, entertaining and make me feel like I am still woven into the fabric that is the co-op At the beginning of every meeting we have what we call check-ins, it's a way for every staff member to connect with the other staff members and let everyone know where they're at, mrntally and emotionally, because these check-ins can get long, our GM asks a question for us to answer as part of our check-in, today's question sent me reeling, as part of our check-in we had to say our name, what department we work in and answer this question: What are you most excited about for the year 2013? Well, As I was thinking about what my answer would be, it was hard to put my finger on one thing, as the mother of a quickly growing child, I am excited everyday to see what new, amazing thing she learns, today it was clapping! Plus, I am excited to see how far I come in my recovery in 2013. My answer ended up eith this: Maybe I'll be running in 2013, I plan to walk a 5k next summer and, I will hopefully finish and publish my book. As we went around the circle, my mind kept dreaming up the great things that are in stor for me in the coming years. Everyday is a new adventure and I never know what new, cool thing I'm going to accomplish, I have to say, these days, it's pretty exciting to wake up in the morning.

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