Monday, December 3, 2012

The oOne Where I Pay Attention To Stuff

When I dove into the New Age community at the end of my college life, I started hearing a lot of people talk about being present, I was never too sure what that meant..I'm here, doesn't that count as being present? No. It doesn't. Being present means taking in and paying attention to the moment, experiencing every moment of life for the beautiful thing it is.

I have made it my mission to be present everymoment of everyday, and let me tell you, it is challenging. I know I've mentioned my extreme exhaustion, well, that's cleared up a bit, but any extra excitement in my day sends me to the couch for a power nap and now, I've been put on muscle relaxers, in an attempt to loosen up the muscle spasisity in my arm, so I can move it around, these new pills floor me, I am constantly fighting against my closing eyelids so I am present with Charlotte, so I do not miss one precious moment with her, as she learns something new and cool, like how her Russian nesting dolls work as a result of this intense focus I force myself to maintain all day, so I am fully engaged with my husband and child, I am exhausted by the end of the day, but I feel ssatisfied ofthat I've milked every delightful drop out out of my day, so I go to bed, tired and happy, content that I did not check out once during the day, but paid attention to everything that needed my attention, no guilt, no regret, it's worth the work. It always is.


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  1. Dang Liz, that is a lot of work. I wish I spent more time paying attention. Thanks for inspiring me. By the way, I never knew you were New Age!