Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ability v. Dis-

I have been reading a book on of my OTs(occupational therapist) in the hospital gave me called "My Stroke Of Insight", wrtten by Dr, Jill Bolte taylor, Dr. Taylor is a brain scientist and in this book she talks about her experiences when she had a massive stroke, this book is helpful to me for multiplrereasons, it helps me keep things in perspective as her stroke and the after effects of it were much more severe than mine, she lost the ability to speak and understand language.In discussing her recovery she talks about how she and her caregiver focused on her abilities, rather than her disabilities, so that is what I've been doing for the past couple of days, as you can imagine, it is very easy to focus on my disabilities as it is so apparent to me what they are .but it certainly hlifts my spirits to think of the thins Ican do oday that I couldn't do a month ago:A month ago it had been about two months since I'd used the bathroom without someone standing over me, waiting for me to finish, not the most dignified experience of my life, now I get be alone when I do my business and today I am still waddling around the house without my cane, it's not a pretty walk, or anywhere close to being graceful, but I'm doing it!


  1. I am so flipping proud of you for WALKING WITHOUT A CANE! What a big surprise(seeing as though we don't see each other every day)! I can't wait to see your grace-full abilities to waddle and wander around on your own. You're doing it! That is for damn sure.

  2. your amazing it reminded me after i had my stroke keep up the good work!!!!!!

  3. oh i remember hearing about that book - will try to find it through my library, thank you. ;) that doctor sure is inspirational - as are you!