Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Unexpected Family

As we were driving to therapy this morning, Iwas musing over how many of my former college classmates have wished me well, that is the inspiration behind this post.
    I had no idea when I entered the theatre department at Western Michigan University in 1996 Tthat I was joining a family and meeting people who would continue to impact my life decades later. Some of the best and most meaningful friendships I have had werweforged in the Gilmore theater complex Also some of the deepest and most passionate relationships of my life happened because of my decision to attend WMU, in fsct, Inever would have met my husband if Ihad accepted Northern Michigan's offer. I look back upon my time in college with great fondness, Imrt some of the best, most interesting and most talented people during my time in the theatre deprtment Life was simple back then, you know, before real life stepped in and started kicking my ass. All Ihad to worry about was getting to class and passing Joan's Theatre Development mid-term, ehihch Idid with flying colors, still one of the proudest moments of my life,The people I met at Western still play a pivitol role in my life, so thank you all for all of the love you have shiwn me since this has happened, I'm lucky to have met such crazy bunch of kooks

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