Tuesday, February 21, 2012


my left arm and I have been in a very serious, committed, long-term relationship since I started picking things up ehich is why the recent break-up between my left srm and I has been so traumatizing for me, I am very dominantly left handed, needless to say my right hand is having to play a lot of catch up! Maybe when this is all over I'll be ambidexterous! The thing about recovering limbs after a brain injury is that the big muscles come back first and the small ones take longer.When I started rehab I could barely move my leg, but now, it's easy to move, my ankle and toes, not so much (small muscles), so,the rational part of my brain tells me that it is possible to get my arm back, since I got my leg back, that involves smaller muscles so I just have to attempt to be patient, a difficult task for me,today I started myself on new exercise program to start getting my arm back into to game, let's see how that goes,anything is better than doing nothing wiht the  arm.

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