Sunday, February 19, 2012


This past weekend,my parents and sister paid me a visit, it was great to see hem, especially my sister, who hadn't seen me since I was in the ICU and still pretty comatose, so it was nice to hear her take on how I've progrssedsince then.Living with myself everyday makes it difficult to see all of the progress I've made, Idon't see the tiny changes that others do, so it'always nice to see what someone who hasn't seen me in awhile thinks. While having them here kinda knocked my routine out of whack, something that made me feel funky all weekend, it was wonderful to be around the familiar company of my family. his past week I've been fearful of losing my personality behind the cloud of the brain injury I sustained, and my family reassured me that there were glimpses peeking through every so ofte. We layed Scatergories, something my speech therapist recommended I play to vuild cognition, Idid well, although that level of brain usage wore me out, but it felt goog to know my mind still functions well and quickly, if not as quickly as before

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