Friday, February 24, 2012

Slow And Steady

Whever Ienter into the darkness of depression, feeling I'm getting nowhere an that nothing is changing or getting better, I like ti sit an focus on the small bits if progess I've made over the last three and a half months Iwas actually justhinking about thid the other night, when I was first admitted to neuro rehab, it too three nurses to help me transfer from the bed to the wheel chair and onto the toilet. I am now able to go to the bathroom whenever I damn well please, which helps me feel so much more independent, than I did when I had to wait for someone to take me in there. my latest accomplishment which helps me feel so much more independent and normal is that I can now get myself in and out of the bathtub so I can take a shower when Iwant and how Iwant to, before Ihad to wait for my husband to be ready to help me and he would run the show, helping me wash and dry off, now, I like to linger in a hot shower and I haven' been able to do that whenever I wanted since this happened. My OT in the hospital would help me and we usually were rushing so, no lingering hot showers for me in the hospital My speech is apparently getting better according to others, my ST has noticed more inflection to it, and my "Rs" are becoming easier to pronounce. my Mother In Law also thinks I'm starting to sound more like myself, all of these things bolster me up e\when Iam feeling down and frustrated, but then It hink abou the strides that Iwill have made three and a half months from now and feel better

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  1. You know what little thing I've noticed, just from reading your blog?? Your typing/spelling has drastically improved! When you compare your first entries to now, the typing seems so much more under your control.

    I'm so happy to hear about all your progress and how much you're enjoying motherhood. Just remember, you've always been a strong woman and you always will be. And you are loved. SO very loved <3