Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On My Way

tiday was a great day! I woke up in good mood, was feeling pretty positive about my situation as I headed into physical therapy, what could have been my last PT you see, medicaid would only cover 12 visits with my PT n my O(occupstional herapistT, but  I found out today that  I get 12 more! such a relief as I feel I am on the verge of a break through of some kind, also my OT told me that if I feel up to it, she thinks it would be fine for me to go back to work!, but now I'm not feeling so sure about that, Iwas supposed to go to a support group tomorrow for stroke survivors, but just the thought of having to get up early and getting ready wears me out after today, so I think I'll be baby stepping my way back into my work and not push myself too hard, I wouldn't want to shock my system before it's fully recovered, but today I feel like the clouds are staring to part and someI'm ginsally feeling hopefullpe. It feels great!

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