Monday, January 30, 2012


The next time you go for walk, pay attention to what your body is doing. It wasn't until I had to actually start thinking about how walking works that I noticed the complex mechanics walking involves, and we usually do it without even thinking about it, This is a true testament to how amazing the human bodyiv, now walking is a different experience, I have to pay so much attention to how my legs move, so I don't develop a funky limp that could hurt me in the long run. This experience has made me so much more mindful of my body than I was before Once I am able to I will be taking much better care of this amazing machine I've been given than I was before.


  1. You never think about these things until you need to focus on it. Sounds like you can walk a bit now, that's great!

  2. i have to learn to walk again too......its been 7 years i have a stroke 7 hours after i had my son......i understand keep up the good work