Friday, January 20, 2012

Pregnant Dreams

Once I found out I was pregnant I went in search of every scrap of information on what to expect, what was normal and what I should do. The piece of information that i found on every website and every book Iread was that near the end of pregnancy, your dreams get funky!And I had one really funky recurring dream the last few weeks of it. IN this dream I would walk into a room and my baby would be there, I had given birth without realizing it, and every time in the dream  I would get mad at my husband for letting me miss the birth of our first child.  Ithought nothing of this at the time, because, really, how would that happen?While I was recovering in the ICU, I remember bringing this dream up an d jokingly stating that maybe I'm psychic. Because that is essentially what happened, only Iwasn't mad at my husband, how could Ibe?

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