Friday, January 6, 2012


I am  truly blessed individual be cause after years of searching in all of the wrong places. I have managed to snag a job Inot only rock at but that I adore. that is why my heart breaks to know they are hiring someone to fill my poition untilI am able to return Ican't expect them to wait for me forever after all.going ttowork is probablythe thing I miss the most, I am not someone who enjoys staying at home, notinteracting gwiththeworldbut most of all I miss the snense of purpose working gives me and the confidence it gives me to know iam doing something OI am good at.Most of all though, I have neverworked in such a harmonious environment withso many down to earth, weonderful,compassionate, good people. Ihave come to look at the people Iwork with as family.ehwho is lucky enough tbe able to satyrhat?!Imust say getting back to work is  my biggest motivationt to get better


  1. i can't WAIT till i read the "going back to work" post. ALLLLL my love!!! now i DEFINITELY need to make a trip to see you! xoxoxo

  2. Ican't wait for that post either!

  3. I think about you everyday when I sit down at our shared workspace. It is still your space too. You are making great progress and I will be happy to see you back at the Co-op when it is time.

  4. Dear Liz,
    I found your blog today through Gina The Feminist Breeder's site. I just wanted to say Don't ever doubt that you are one heckuva woman... Only a super-mom like you could carry their precious daughter through your tumultuous delivery, perfectly unharmed. I am so looking forward to reading about your journey through recovery! And like your friends above I will be so happy to see you reach your goal of getting back to work. :) Know that we are rooting and praying for you here in the Great Northwest!!

  5. Don't worry Liz, nobody will be able to replace you... we'll just have to find somebody who is an approximation of your awesome self.

    In the meantime you should focus on getting better!


  6. Randall is so right. Your presence here can never be replaced. Get yourself better so we can see more of you!