Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Thr purpose of Speech Therapy is to improve cognition and memory in those with brain injuries, like me. thr Speech Therapist I had in thhospital was condescending and made disparaging comments about my baby weight,making me feel incredibly self-concncscioand we spent most of our sessions talking about her boring life, not making much progress, luckily, my new speech therapist, Annie,is great, she under stands what my goals are and we actually work on things during our sessions I am a former fast-talker so it is important to me to be able to speak properly, the tone of my voice  is totally different, which drives me crazy, Ican't t do sarcasm now, that inflection is gone, In fact, the hardest part of all of this is struggling to speak everyday, Iam incredibly self conscious when Ispeak now, worried that when people hear me talk they will think Ihave a mental deffiniency Ifelt uplifted after my session withAnnie today, I did wellon all of the cognitiv eevals and ac the reading snd writing test she gave me, it comforts me to know my brain is stll there and operating, which doesn't slways feel like th case.


  1. Go Liz! You are amazing and you can totally do this. I hate that the therapist at the hospital was so unhelpful, that's awful--but I am glad you found Annie. I wish you the best in your upcoming sessions with her. Just from reading your posts here I can tell you have a fighting spirit. Keep on, warrior woman! :-)

  2. I am sending psychic punches to the left side of that other speech therapists brain. Maybe she will get a headache or something..


    p.s. Please don't feel self conscious when speaking around me! I have no problems understanding you. I enjoyed the application joke you made today... you had good comedic timing.

  3. That hospital therapist needs a swift kick in the vagina. Sorry for being so crass, but hey, that's me :-) Keep on doing what you're doing, Liz. On your darkest days and moments, please know that you're inspiring me with this blog.

  4. A dinner of Welsh Rabbit may help.