Monday, January 9, 2012

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I've started my oy patent rehab now.I think the hardest part of this iwill be getting to kow new therapists Iorderr fo the relation ship between myselfand my therapist tobe productive ther has to be a high level of trudt and comfort onmy part. this takes awhile to develop. so fsr Ilike all of my new therapist and IfeelI wil progressfar with them. one of my primary goals is proving to be the most frustrating to accomplish ,regain use of my lft srm, hand and fingers,I get close to tears ou t o ffrustrtion when attempting to make this limb, hat I should be hboss of, ove

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  1. Liz you are one of my favorite people to connect with, and I bet your new therapists feel the same way, too. You're climbing a mountain right now, and it should feel like it! I can tell you're working hard which makes me so happy.