Tuesday, February 21, 2012


my family came to visit me this weekend and now that they are gone I am experiencing a pretty intense feeling of loss, that is not normal when a visit with them ends, you see, once I turned 14  I was ready to move outo f my parents' home and since I graduated from college I've moved all over the country, maintaining a comfortable distance between them and myself, I now live closer to them than I have in years, onl ya six hour drive as opposed to a 14 hour one. normally when visit ends, I am happy to get back to my routine. but this time is different, the house just feels empty an quie, t, ver the weekend, it was nice to know that I had people who were looking forward tioseeing me as soon as I managed to get myself together and downstairs, there is nothing like the comfort of being with your mom and dad, who accept an dlove you regardless of what is going on in your life, whether you're a good host or not. but I think my saddness at theireparture oils down to one simple thing: sometimes you jus treally need your mom and dad. And Ido, more than Iever have, Ithink

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