Friday, March 9, 2012

Sexism In Unexpected Places

Since this event has occurred in my life I have  observed more blatant sexism thanI ever have previously and the culprits are usually women! Shocking!, You see, due to my partial paralysis, my husband, Matt is Charlotte's primary caretaker, not me, and it is quite often that some woman will insinuate to myself or Matt that he has no idea what he is doing, simply because he is a man. This pisses me off to no end. Mat has heorically put his own needs aside to care for mine and Charlotte's and has never even considered not doing that, I couldn't think of a better person to care for my daughter than Matt, they have a very special bond as they have been flung into this situation together, Matt always knows exactly what she needs to be the happy, squeaky girl she is and anyone who suggests otherwise immediately earns a demerit with me! So don't forget, ladies, we are just as capable of underestimating men as hey are of us!


  1. I hadn't seen this picture. It is so incredibly sweet and brings me to tears to think of all the emotions that he must have been experiencing in that moment. I agree with you. We far too often underestimate the importance of a father and are quick to forget that men can be amazing parents too.

    1. Thewre are some pretty intense ones from that night where you can see the fear on his face, makes me cry too!