Friday, March 16, 2012

My Daily Meditation

Every night as I fall asleep I lay in my bed and listen to the sounds of the house winding down for the night:Charlotte delightedly cooing to herself and kicking her legs on the crib mattress., Matt happily clicking away on his mouse as he plays whatever computer game suits his fancy and his occasional chuckle as he listens to some podcast or another. As I listen to all oft his happy racket, I am so happy to be here to hear it.My heart skips a beat everytime I am reminded that the MRI tech that spoke to Matt told him that my situation was life threatening. I almost didn't get to hear this nightly symphony of delight. So all of those noises make me excited to get up the next day so I can listen to more of my life. I am truly a lucky girl! regardless of how much of me works.


  1. i'm so pleased this blog is your homework ;) because now i get to read your inspiring posts every day. hope that isn't a weird thing to say, especially as you don't know me, but i really enjoy reading your writing. that symphony of delight does indeed sound delightful and i gotta remember and be thankful for my own symphony of delight here in my home as well. ;) happy weekend!

  2. You are absolutely lovely, Liz!