Saturday, March 24, 2012


The other day I was be moaning the fact that I don' get to do nearly as much prent-type stuff as I would like to and Mat swung back with this very comforting statement:"It's fine Liz, there's plenty more parenting to be done."What a relief, I guess I forget that once the baby stuff is over there's still more parenting to be done, the fun stuff that I'm looking forward to doing with her are things I am fully capable of doing, dancing around singing, if you want to call what I do singing, and reading books, so I have all ofthat good stuff t look forward to in addition to th occasional nap sh, I c takes on my chest, when I can manage to chill her out enough for to fall asleep on me, like I just did it is a glorious moment, she just woke up and I feel so relaxed and I can still smell her. So there are certainly moments when I can bask in motherhood, even if I can't carry her around or change a diaper and those moments are neer lost on me, I breathe them in and savor them, I pay attention to every noise she makes, how her chest moves up and down with every breath , she'll be old before I know it and I want to remember every precious moment of her baby years.

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