Thursday, March 22, 2012


A long time ago a friend told me that I am the spark that ignites a firestorm.What she meant by that is that I tend to inspire change in those closest to me, quite the compliment! I've been repeating this phrase to myself the last few weeks because it makes me feel strong and capable. But the question is, how much change can I inspire in myself? This whole experience has forced me tp dosome very serious introspection into my true character, some times I haven't always liked what I've found such as my eternal pessimism, my lack of fearlessness  and a gebnernal selfishness that I didn't realize lived within me. So to battle these things I do my best to use words and phraseses like "when I can..." in stead of can't or never, I do my best to truly believe that my body knows what its doing an d that it will heal itself and I challenge myself to face anything I fear head on, because I don't want  to walk around being afraid of life just because things are a little harder now I have also been a terrible worry wart. wasting time and energy worrying over things that havent' happened yet or may never happen, I am trying to stop ththatinstinct, because it is tiring and a waste of my precious energy. This has truly been transformative experience an d I will be fundamentally changed for the better because of it.

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  1. This is incredibly beautiful. I love you are finding your circumstances to be an opportunity for amazing personal growth. I wish you all the best. And I do think you are spark--even your entries are written with such a light to them and they feel so alive and purposeful. Even to your readers, most of whom are strangers, you are that catalyst that creates change within us. So thank you.