Friday, March 23, 2012

Two Months Out

I have now officially been out of the hospital for two months now, after spending about five months in the hospital/ inpatient rehab it was relief to be released. The night before my discharge I was nervous, not knowing what to expect outside of the safety and structure of the rehab unit. I had no idea what to expect out of my new therapists, I didn't know how hard it would be to get around my house, Matt and I would be on our own and up until then we had had an army of nurses and PCAs helping us, but now when I look back on those first few weeks st home, I can feel the difference I have more faith in myself and my body and I'm in much better spirits, I don'think I've ever been as depressed as I was when I first got to be home with my baby, totally unable to do any thing with her but now I can get her a bottle, feed her, get on the floor and play with her and I can carry her across the room, with supervision. when I got home I was still very out of it, I barely remember those first few weeks, I could barely muster up the energy to pay attention to an hour long TV show, let alone follow the plot line, but now I can watch shows as involved as th West Wing and follow along just fine and of course the biggest change is the fact that I can waddle around the house and across the back yard without my cane, something I never woul have considered trying two months ago. So, needless to say things are improving, maybe not as quickly as I would like, but they just get better every day!

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