Sunday, March 18, 2012


Warning:This will not be an uplifting or positive post.

You know those stages of grief? well I'm smack dab in the middle of anger right now. I'm trying to re learn ho to crochet with this tool my OT gave me and I am so upset right now, the fact that I can't partcipate in my favorite actvity easily any more is maddening, crocheting is like breathing to me, it comes so naturally, and I'm really struggling with this new method. I'm so angry that this happened to me, I'm pissed off that I'tcan make a cute toy for Charlotte. I keep trying to remind myself that there was a time I couldn't crochet easily but with practice I learned, which what I'm going to do if, I don't throw my hook across the room and lose it!

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  1. That's how i felt when I first taught myself to knit! But remember, stick to it as you once did, you'll be yarn whorin' it up once again! (And even more talented, as you'll have learned a new technique) ;)