Monday, March 19, 2012


I had grest day today! It started off a little early for my taste at 7:30am, as I now need a good 12 hours of sleep to function correctly, no more four hour or six hour nights for me! We then headed off to therapy. First I met with Sue, my OT and we discussed, some options I have for further Occupational Therapy if my visits run out and my arm is still not cooperating, we also worked on my crocheting again. I was able to complete a couple of rows with her help in a calm and collected manner. I then had
Physical therapy  PT kicked my butt today! My PT for the day really challenged my balance and the strength in my left leg, so it was good! Last but not least was speech with Annie, my favorite part of any therapy day, we did some math and writing stuff. I always feel so good when Annie is done with me, I do well in our sessions and that makes me feel like I'm still smart, because I don't always feel like I am. I then met my friends, Sara and Rosie at the co-op, my workplace, a trip to co-op is always good for my soul, it's up lifting for me to see so many people who care about my well being and are genuinely happy to see me. My favorite part of the day was the fact that Sara had her three daughters with her, I love those girls! They re creative, caring and compassionate, and lovely to spend time with.. Sara's youngest daughter is three days younger than Charlotte, at one point Sara stood her up next to Charlotte's car seat and they stared at each other and smiled, at one point Charlotte reached out to touch Sheila, it was a beautiful moment and made my day. So, all in all my spirits are much better today than they were yesterday, there are so many good reasons to remain positive and so many things to be happy about, that wasting my time feeling sorry for myself seems so useless


  1. Liz, 1. Thanks for the nice shout out :) 2. Your new homework assignment: please reread your very first blog and then read this one. Wow! Try to find any mistakes in this one that you can... And good luck because this blog is as close to perfect as I've seen you write. I'm sure you'd be able to find more mistakes in my comment here! 3. Next time you see me please give me a high five for finally figuring out how to comment on a blog.

  2. Liz! My long lost internet buddy ;) I think about you from time to time and wonder how you are doing and how your little family is :) I'm glad I found this blog again while I was checking out ravelry. I wish you all the best Liz :) *hugs*