Thursday, March 15, 2012

Learning Curve

The other day I was sitting on the couch working on closing and opening (aka, relaxing) the fingers on my left hhand and I glanced over at Charlotte plying in her bouncyexersaucer thingy and at that moment she was intently trying to  wrap her fingers around one of the toys that line her bouncy and I was struck by the fact that at that moment we were both working on learning the same skill at the same time and I finally found a silver lining to this whole situation: how many mothers get to learn alongside their children? I feel fantastically lucky to be able to share moments like those with her


  1. It is amazing how much our children teach us!

  2. Beautiful image of you both working together. You have a special understanding of her that no one else will. Keep going!

  3. u will always have a speial bond with your son and i i would read to him baby book thats i could read at that time and my arm execise he would to how he could to help its a speacial bond keep u the great work