Friday, April 13, 2012


As Matt and I were leaving my appointment at the anti - coagulation clinic today we were disussing the fact that the hospital I was at when I had my stroke is among the top 100 hospitals in the country and I was struck at that moment with how lucky I am I was lucky that Matt was with me when the stroke started, lucky that the staff ain the Bronson Labor and Delivery unit was so competent and worked so quivkly, I was lucky that my baby was so strong and was not affected negatively by the stroke. I was lucky to have been transferred to Neuro Rehab at Borgess and to have been aided by the wonderful therapists there  I am lucky to be working with my awesome therapists at Borgess out patient Neuro Rehab. It's taken an army of people to get me to where I am today. Jthinking abut my first few days in rehab makes me realize how far I've come, my Recreational therapist, Marsha, met with me and played dominoes with me or tried to, I had played dominoes a decent amount of times before then with Matt my brother -in -law and their uncle but it was as if someone had asked me to play a brand new game  that I had never played before and explained the rules in french. It was so frustrating because I knew that I knew how to play but could for the life of me understand what was going on, let alone cout out the six dominoes I needed, not the best day. Over the course of my stay at 3 West at Borgess hospital Marsha was a kindred sprit, always willing to answer my questions and eucste me about stroke and what was going on with me, reassuring me that everything I was experiencing was normal, which was helpful, Marsha also made the holiday season special, she found someone to dress up as Santa so
I could get my Charlotte Santa picture that I wanted so badly. She also set up a little Christmas shop for all of us in rehab to use so we could buy presents for our loved ones. It was probably the most beautioful Christmas time I've ever sent filled with true good will towards men the staff on 3 West made what could have been a depressing holiday season a normal and special one. I am also lucky to be married to such a wonderful and compassionate man who is always pushing me to be my best self and always believes in me no matter what. I have also lucked out in the friend department; My work friends have been so compassionate and supportive through this entire process, bringing me deliciou co-op food while I was stuck eating hospital fare.I also have friends who contact my favorite bloggers and musicians looking to rustle up some happiness for me. The cards I received from my fellow Feminist Breeder readers have been a huge source of en encouragement for me, I pull them out from time to time, read them and feel sure that I can do this.Most importantly I am lucky to have gotten this opportunity to truly ppreciate my life and gain some perspective on myself everyday I feel perfectly happy asAnne Shirley would put it, everything is as perfect as it could be and this has been the most incredible experience of my life.

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  1. Your description of dominoes was an intense and visceral depiction of what it must be to go through what you have...It has given me a window of understanding and overwhelmed me with the idea of what you have come through. Amazing.