Friday, April 20, 2012

Mt Heart Will Go On

"Nrvrgive up, Rose, never give up."This familiar chant struck a different chord with me as I watched Jack cheer Rose on while she hogged that door last Sunday. Because I think we alll need a Jack Dawson in our lives;Someone to remind us to never give up on life regardless of how hopeless it seems, To get us tus to make every moment count. Jack's lesson to us lie's inthe rousingspeech he gives at dinner:" figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it. You don't know what hand you're gonna get dealt next. "But on this viewing of Titanic, Jack's take on the world rung true, you don't need money, just the air in your lungs and a few sheets of blank paper, because it all can change in a moment so you should "make it count "and meet him at the clock. This has been my challenge since the stroke, to make every moment of my life count and never give up. I think the most beautiful thing aboutTitanic is the fact that Rose truly never gives up. she goes on to leadsa full life and rides a horse like a man and makes every moment count regardless of the fact that she experienced this traumatic event and lost the love of her life after only being able to spend a few precious moments in his warm, safe and loving embrace. I think something like that would seriously impact most people's opinion on life, but she takes everything he taught her and uses it. Luckily I've had my very own Jack Dawson teaching me the same lessons on every step of this journey and hopefully I can serve as someone's Jack.

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  1. Liz-
    I had a fun time being inspired by you and your fight to recover from this stroke. I have a fun time reading your blogs. I hope you liked the MP3 project I did for my class about you. :)