Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pampers Saves

So, the other day I was torturing myself by watching A baby Story on TLC. And I was gettin kind of down watching all of these women have these perfect births and carrying their babies around, nursing andpumping to their hearts content. then a Pampers commercial came on, it showed many different ways of bringing a baby into the world, IVF, they showed a woman at home in a birthing tub and at the end of the commercial these words flashed across the screen" No matter how it happens, every baby is a miracle." It'like som being out there knew that was exactly wha I needed to hear at that moment, because it's true, this jouney would be so much harder for me if Charlotte wasn't here, she brings so much joy into my life, just seeing her smiling face bightens everything up, it clears the cloud away and makes me try that muh harder.

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